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Vegan Holidays highresVegan for the Holidays has what other books don’t–exceptional recipes that turn holiday dining into nostalgic memories. Because many of the dishes have such a festive quality about them, they just might be saved for those once-a-year gatherings. The recipes are flavorful, yet uncomplicated and they look so tantalizing and inviting you’ll find holiday cooking joyful and rewarding.

Vegan for the Holidays, that very special cookbook created just for the holiday season puts bright and flavorful seasonal foods on the holiday table–foods like freshly harvested cranberries, pomegranates, persimmons, winter squashes and chestnuts –foods many people connect with those special festive times. In Vegan for the Holidays, you’ll find these items in delicious, easy-to-follow recipes, along with more familiar vegetables and hearty, whole grains and legumes. Vegan for the Holidays features mouthwatering recipes– that are bound to make your holiday celebrations memorable.

Vegan for the Holidays–the cookbook for people who love to cook festive recipes for the holiday table.

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NGcover8 copy 2Nut lovers rejoice! Finally a cookbook that not only features nuts as the focal point of the recipe, but debunks the myths that nuts are too fattening and not healthy to eat.

The Nut Gourmet features over 150 gourmet, plant-based recipes showcase nuts in everything from sauces, soups, and spreads

to entrees, salads, dressings, and desserts. You’ll even learn how to make nutmilks, a delicious alternative to both dairy and soy milk for allergy diets.

The latest health studies have also revealed surprising results about how eating nuts can reduce your chance of developing heart disease.

The Nut Gourmet will help you discover how nuts can contribute a wealth of flavor and satisfaction to your meals.

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Videos of Vegan for the Holidays

Vegan for the Holidays Introduction


Vegan for the Holidays – Jolly Green Christmas Tree


Vegan for the Holidays – Yin Yang Thanksgiving Paté


Vegan for the Holidays – Potato Latkes with Sour Cream


Vegan for the Holidays – Pistachio Sweet Pea Torte


Vegan for the Holidays – African Pumpkin Stew with Cornbread


Vegan for the Holidays – New Year Logs


Vegan for the Holidays – Savory Chickpea Yule Log


Vegan for the Holidays – Almond and Olive Stuffed Brussels Sprouts


Vegan for the Holidays – Santa’s Favorite Panforte


Vegan for the Holidays – Stuffed Tomatoes with Edamame Paté


Vegan for the Holidays – Old St. Nick’s Wicked Walnut Cookies


Vegan for the Holidays – Christmas Carrot Wreath


Vegan for the Holidays – Holiday Ready Apple Crisp



South Bay Adventist Church April 7, 2013

Click on the link below:


Camarillo Adventist Church June 12, 2014




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